FIRST TRAINING EVENT, 16 – 17 January 2019, Brussels


Between 16th-17th January 2019, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium hosted the First training event.

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Sustainable development and mobility – Module 1: an overview of the subject of sustainable development in a way that is relevant to engineers, but deals with issues wider than just technical. The course will address sustainability concepts, values and change processes with a quantitative approach that provides key tools in sustainability methods and metrics. Module 2: issues, challenges and opportunities presented by the global automotive industry’s drive toward sustainable mobility. Presenter: Claudia Martis (UTCN)

Green vehicle architectures and technologies – Module 1:  introduction to green fuels, energy conversion systems on green vehicles,   batteries and charging infrastructure, low-emissions automotive auxiliaries. Module 2: green vehicles in European legislation, standardization and green vehicles. Presenter: Mihăiţă Gabriel Neacsu (ICPE, AVER)


Thursday 17th January 2019

Integrity and ethics in research- Part 1 – Research integrity: On the basis of some institutional landmarks (Declarations of Singapore and European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity), the first part of the training focuses on concrete and strategic issues encountered by researchers at the beginning of their careers. These issues are related to shortcomings with respect to data collection, processing and interpretation, collaboration and publication (when to present results, in what form, issues of authorship and plagiarism, etc.), research funding (conflicts of interests), scientific expertise. Part 2 – Research ethics: The second part of the training is dedicated to research ethics. After a very brief introduction to two major ethical traditions (utilitarianism and deontological ethics), it focuses on practical issues encountered in research, on the basis of the H2020 ethical framework. The topics that will be addressed are the following:  research involving humans, privacy and personal data, research involving animals, non EU countries, environment, health and safety, dual use,  misuse, other ethical issues (neurobiology, human/machine interactions, nanotechnologies, genetic enhancement, artificial intelligence, etc.). Specific attention will be brought to the issues of privacy and personal data, and of dual use/misuse. Presenter: Céline Kermisch (ULB)