In our days training the researchers to identify and plan the key steps for shaping their career plays an important role in career development. The activities will provide them with practical guidance regarding the professional experience required when applying for positions in academic/non-academic institutions. Participants will be offered opportunities to meet and discuss about their work with a panel of academics and other professionals.  Guest speakers will work with participants to address their concerns and the specificities of the individual situations. The second part of the event is developed for entrepreneurial knowledge, competences, and skills. In an ever-changing world with merging economies, the marketplace has become truly global. Savvy entrepreneurs see new opportunities and are preparing to capitalize on changing demands. The workshop will prepare PhD students to be active in the marketplace at the right time. They will evaluate entrepreneurship for their research topics and investigate business feasibility and concept development. Their entrepreneurial style will be revealed by practical exercises.

INTERACT Horizon 2022 5th event presentation and agenda

*If any changes occur, the final agenda will be published prior de event

The training event will be organized online, using TEAMS platform. For registration please send a message to with your contact data (name and surname, title, affiliation, position, email address) until 5th of February 2022.