Between 12th – 13th June 2019, the 2nd training event took place at BROSE.


12.06.2019  – Advanced design, modelling and analysis methods and tools for automotive electrical actuation  – The goal of the S&T module was provide deeper understanding regarding the different advanced analytical and numerical modelling aspects that the INTERACT’s fellows are concerned with: material modelling for magnetic and structural analysis, losses in EMs, magnetic force computation, Model Order Reduction (MOR) techniques, system-level modelling, etc. The courses  comprised theoretical parts and illustrations by means of the software used by the fellows. Responsible: ULB.

13.06.2019 – Personal development and team working  – The Workshop  provided powerful thinking tools and step-by-step processes for designing executable action plans for strategies at any level. Good knowledge and practice of these techniques enables more efficient work of the fellows during and after completion of the initial research training. The goal of this school was to: (i) train the fellows in management skills, including personal time management, task assignment handling, prioritisation, schedule management, team and meeting leadership etc., and (ii) introduce and practice project management techniques, including project definition and set-up, controlling, risk management and reporting. The FAC encourages using techniques learned here for regular progress reviews. A special session  provided all the necessary details, guidelines, evaluation criteria and measures in order to teach the young researchers how to write successful UE Framework Programs proposals. Responsible: UTCN.